30 Day Gut Rejuvenation



Begin to address the underlying causes of why you are suffering from so many symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, allergies, skin and hair issues, depression and brain fog.

If your desire in life is to be healthy and not rely on medication or surgery, this is the first step for you to transform your life.


Product Description

What you get:

  • 30 Day Course Outline:

  • All new/improved food list to include coffee and beef

  • List of foods to avoid

  • More than 100 Recipes

  • Suggested Menu

  • Schedule of supplements

  • 30 day supply of Supplements plus one Nutritional Shake delivered to your home

  • Membership at drsaia.com to order additional supplements and shakes at 15% off and free shipping to continue your new found health

  • Access to a series of videos of Dr. Saia educating you on how to maximize the program  and restore your health.

Video 1: Introduction/Welcome

Video 2: Introduction to Cellular inflammation

Video 3: Overview of program supplements

Video 4: Overview/purpose of detoxification

Video 5: Intermittent fasting

Video 6: Burst Training (HIIT)

Video 7-12:  Various Health Issues