Testimonial: Molly R.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease about five years ago, although, I think it was present in my body for many years.  Two years ago my thyroid was removed and it was cancerous.  Since the surgery, I felt even more out of control with my weight and health.  The treatment I received and the constant struggle to manage the medication was challenging.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life but as problems continued to grow with my thyroid, my weight and my health continued to suffer.  I tried many things to gain control over my health but was never successful.  I did not understand the damage my thyroid did to my body and the repair I needed to do.  What might work for someone with a healthy thyroid was not going to work for me.  Summer of 2015 I began searching for someone who understood my thyroid problems and understood nutrition.  In the fall of 2015 I attended a seminar by Dr. Saia and I found the exact combination of what I was searching for to help me gain control over my health. Finally someone who understood thyroid problems! I completed a 12-week program with Dr. Saia and lost 39 pounds.  I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medication to a lower dose.  It was a personalized program with weekly consultation that helped me restore and repair my body.  For the first time I feel like I am in control of my health instead of my health in control of me.  I owe Dr. Saia a huge thank you for giving me this gift.

Molly Rosinski